Tcha Badjo – Boeuf Swing manouche & jazz

Tcha Badjo – Boeuf Swing manouche & jazz

Mercredi 14 mai 14 – 19:30

Tcha-Badjo is a collective adventure of musicians from different nationalities and different musical horizons with a common passion for Gypsy Jazz.

Tchabadjo’s music travels from the past to the present, from the New Orleans jazz to Montreal, from Hungarian Gypsie tunes to Manouche guitars from Eastern France.

This “Collectif” of musicians interpret Gypsy jazz in many forms, always with a simplicity and happy mood that makes you want to shuffle your feet. Tonight they’re in your town, they’ll probably be gone tomorrow, off to Istanbul or Oslo, so be sure you don’t miss them on their four month tour of Europe!

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