Concert + Scène ouverte : Parc X Trio

mercredi 5 Avr 17 – 19:30


Parc X trio is a Montreal-based contemporary jazz triofeaturing Gabriel Vinuela-Pelletier (piano and compositions), Alex Lefaivre (bass and compositions) and Alain Bourgeois (drums).

To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, Parc X trio will release its 7th recording, Dream, in April 2017 on Challenge Records International. Pursuing the electric trio format, the group’slatest musical explorations showcase their typical original blend of contemporary jazz harmonies, staggering dynamics, break-beat grooves over odd time signatures and classical music structures.  As complex as the music might seem on paper, the trio navigates through the material effortlessly with grace and power. New to the table is the group’s foray into studio production. A subtle and tasteful approach to electronic music production spices up the album sonically over the 9 original compositions from all 3 members. One of the album’s highlights is a reworking of Tchaikovsky’s theme from Swan Lake where Parc X trio’s sonic imprint takes the original classic into the XXIst century.

Parc X trio began its journey 10 years ago in an old duplex in Parc-Extension, one of Montreal’s most multi-cultural boroughs. Gabriel and Alex met while studying at the University of Montreal where they quickly became close friends. The following year, they also becameneighbors and the basement of that building became their local hub for playing, practicing and writing music 24/7. After a couple of years honing their craft on jazz standards, the two young men began composing music for what would be their first album released in 2009. They quickly found their own voice combining intricate polyrhythms, groove-based beats, compelling melodies as well as electronic and rock elements into theircompositions. They also became well-known for the band’s borderline telepathic connection and high energy live performances that focused on group interaction and fearless improvisations.

Ten years later, the duplex is long gone, but the friendship is still strong. To date, Parc X trio has released five records and one EP, has been awarded the TD Grand Prize for Jazz at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal in 2010, has done a countless number of shows and tour regularly throughout Canada, Mexico, USA and Europe.

Parc X trio will be playing around Montreal in the fall and winter of 2016-17 before embarking on a month long tour of Europe to support their next opus.

Parc X trio

Gabriel Vinuela : piano and keys
Alex Lefaivre : bass
Alain Bourgeois : drums–9o1PY9A

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